Friday, 30 August 2013

Cyber Safety... it's important!

Late last term we held a fantastic Cyber Safety Presentation along with ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority).  The night highlighted how to manage the risks associated with living in the digital age and broadening our knowledge of websites and apps that are commonly being used socially, including games, and social platforms.

Those who attended would agree that the information was invaluable.  But for those who were unable to attend, what can you do?  There is plenty of information available on the internet and in this post we will provide some links that are a great starting point.  Its also worth keeping in mind ACMA's key messages of the night:

  • Stay informed - Know what your children are doing, and understand the programs/ sites they are using.  This includes knowing age restrictions.
  • Discuss - Talk with your children about the risks and what they should do if they experience something inappropriate.  Ensure there is a clear line of communication available for them to approach you.
  • Monitor - Where do your children access the internet?  Can you keep an eye on them?
  • Set boundaries - When are your children allowed to access the internet? Having set times is a great way to set healthy routines.  This also includes adjusting privacy settings for sites and devices (Facebook, Google, iPads etc have adjustable privacy and parental settings)
Four questions you can ask yourself are:
Who's in charge? 
Where is the tech (Computer, iDevice)?
How's the balance of screen time and active play? 
When does the dialogue happen?

For more information on Cyber Safety spend some time looking at these links:
  • Parents Cyber Safety Toolbox by Cyber Smart click here
  • Stay Smart Online resources click here
  • Resources and activities for young kids click here and for older kids click here
  • Install and access the Cyber Safety help button on your computer or device here (you'll find the button is also installed on our blog for easy access)

The internet is full of fantastic resources, tools and activities, that are of huge benefit and enjoyment.  Cyber Safety is all about using what is available appropriately and understanding what we are really doing so that we get the most out of our experiences.  

So sit down with your kids and have a chat about what you all do and how you are using technology, you'll be surprised at what everyone knows and is doing!

Of course if you'd like to chat about what is happening at school with technology and ICT feel free to pop in and have a look for yourself.  Our new bank of iPads is being put to great use!

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  1. Dear Year 1 / 2.
    I can see that the ipads are in good use and very importantly being looked after by you all.
    Great tips for being safe online!