Thursday, 1 August 2013

Whole School Performance

Last week our whole school was lucky enough to have an artist in residence to teach us all about dance, family, culture and much much more! Bernard brought with him many cultural dances and equipment so everyone could learn something new and also challenge themselves.

The grand finale on Friday night was our whole school performance held at the High School which had a fantastic turn out and even got a few parents up on stage to show their moves (encore please!)

As you can imagine all the students had an amazing time, not just up on stage but also during rehearsals. It's amazing how much we picked up in only 1 week! and many were still asking for more. "Can we do this?", "Can you show us that?" could be heard at every session.

Below is a collection of messages from 1/2L students and some photo's from Friday night's performance.

Thanks once again Bernard, we miss you already!!

Bernard has been really nice to us. He has been showing us dances he has been talking about respect. He showed us the hoops and the pois.  We did 4 dances.1/ the uli uli shakers2/ the ski one3/ the Hawaii santa4/ the sweep. I like this because it takes a long time. I felt happy because Coober did the hip hop dance and it was really cool. One day I'd like to do that.  By Dylan.

Dear Bernard, Thank you for teaching us the shama lama ding dong! From Brodie

Dear Bernard,Thank you for teaching us the sa sa. I loved the music. It was hard when you sped up the music. I had to practice a lot. I wish you could of stayed longer. I leant a lot. By Charlotte.

Dear Bernard we hope you had as much fun as we had. Dylan

Dear BernardI hope  you had fun teaching us. I had fun, I liked the eagle the best and I hoped you stayed longer. From Huntta.

Dear BernardThank you for organising the performance.  I loved peforming in front of lots of people.  I felt great!Loved dancing a little bit.From Isabel

Bernard I learnt so much from you my favourite was the uli ulis because we made so much noise!  You are a great teacher, I liked watching you dance by Jasmine.

Dear BernardThank you Bernard for teaching me so many dances.  I felt really really happy, exited and a bit nervous.  I was nervous because there was a lot of people.  I really liked the shama lama ding dong and the uli ulis.  I really wanted to have more time with you.From Lachlan

Dear Bernard,

Thank you for teaching 1/2L you did a good job.  Rayden

Dear Bernard,

 We loved doing the dances with you.  My favourite song was the shama lama ding dong because my dad didint know what to do.  From Xavier

Hoop Dancing

Bernard showing everyone how its done!

Thanks again Bernard, hope to see you soon!

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