Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Emily Eye Finger

On Tuesday the 3/9 we went to the Performing Arts Centre.  We saw an act called Emily Eye Finger.  My favourite part was when the Mummy came out.  I liked it because it looked funny and scary.  Danny was the character in the act that I like the best.  I think that it was one of the best acts ever!
Written by Hannah

Today 1/2L, 1/2G and the Preps went to the Performing Arts Centre to watch Emily Eye Finger.  When I got to school I forgot all about it.  I got very excited  when we got there though.  When it started the light went off and Emily came out with an eye on her finger.  It was so fun.  My favourite thing was when a piranha came out and chomped.  I jumped and I hit the roof!
Written by Lachlan.

I liked Emily the most because of her hair.  Also I liked her eyeball finger because it looked real.
Written by Jessie

I thought the performance of Emily Eye Finger was cool.  My favourite part was when the piranha went SNAP because everyone jumped.  The sound effects were cool too.  Thanks for the show, I could of watched it over and over again.  I wish I could of watched you for longer.
From Charlotte.

It was funny when the prisoner tied Emily up.  I liked it when the man tried to steal Emily's eye.  By Angel.

Today we went to the Performing Arts Centre.  We watched Emily Eye Finger.  It was funny because the criminals jumped out of the door.  They were laughing funny.  My favourite part was when Emily got stuck in the mouse trap.  By Jasmine.

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