Friday, 14 June 2013

Twitter and what we've learnt

With the end of term fast approaching we're taking a step back and reflecting on what we've achieved and all the things we've learnt.  We've been using our blog to share some of the activities for some time now and have really appreciated all the comments, and feedback from everyone.  We really hope that you've been enjoying these glimpses from our classrooms, and would now like to share a little more with you.

After each lesson we spend some time reflecting on what we covered, strategies we used to help us, what we had trouble with and what we may have discovered.  Today we wanted to share some of our thoughts with everyone, and are trying something new to spread the word, so let us introduce you to our Twitter account!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Lets go shopping!

This week we've left school behind, taken a step into the future and entered the work force!  Funnily enough we've all ended up as shop owners, working hard to attract customers and sell our goods. It's been hard work of course, but we all earned some money!