Friday, 24 May 2013

Party time, a welcome to Kobe

The big day finally arrived! Today was our turtley awesome party day to celebrate and officially welcome our pet turtle 'Kobe' to our class!  Now that we have found a name to call him/ her we thought that it was only fitting to let our hair down a little.  It was also a little celebration for all the hard work we have been doing!

We started with an official welcome to Kobe, making a circle and sharing something that we had either learned about turtles, or something that we loved about having a pet turtle to care for.  Kobe was let loose in the middle of the circle and enjoyed a roam around visiting everyone.  He enjoyed it so much that he even made an escape attempt while no one was looking! Thanks to the eagle eye onlookers who spotted him taking the leap!!

There was plenty of special 'turtle' themed food that was skilfully decorated to add to the excitement and keep us sustained while we created our own pet turtles to take home with us.  We made our turtles using paper plates and coloured paper so that each turtle had their own different look.

Below are some photo's taken by our class photographers of the amazing food we shared.  Thanks to all the parents who helped out and to those who were able to join in the celebration!

We even had a visit from another special under water creature...

If you haven't already popped in to say hi to Kobe, please feel free to visit every morning!

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