Thursday, 9 May 2013

Competition Time!

Today 1/2 L welcomed a new member to their class.  Excitement had been building for some time as all students knew that our latest addition was on the way and due to arrive any day now.  A handful of students even spent their lunch time yesterday preparing and washing to get ready for the arrival.

So when everyone arrived early this morning there was only one place they wanted to look... the fish tank.  What was going to be there? Who was this new class member?  Was it really an alligator like Mr Lorback said?

Now all the big fuss was actually for something quite small.  Very small in fact. But very cute!  Swimming around in the tank (or hiding under a rock from all the attention) was a tiny little short neck turtle.  Only 2 months old, and a bit overwhelmed as you can imagine!

Our new companion spent the day exploring his new tank and getting to know some of the students which led to an important question.  What do we call him/ her?  (Being such a young turtle it is impossible to tell whether we have a boy or a girl).  So, taking the Melbourne Zoo approach, we are launching an open competition!  "Name our Short Necked Turtle"

Shell shocked!
Keen to get out and explore

"Who are looking at?"
The great escape. That's one fast turtle we've got! 
About to leap again!

 So if you think you have a great name that would suit our little shelled friend, please enter your suggestion.  The winner will have the honour of naming our turtle with a special ceremony and fame forever! What more could you ask for!

Use the entry form on the right hand side of our home page to enter or click here to go to the entry form.  Winners announced at assembly on the 22nd May.

Rumour has it that there are a few famous relatives in the family, these are of course unconfirmed!

But then again...........

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