Thursday, 6 June 2013

Lets go shopping!

This week we've left school behind, taken a step into the future and entered the work force!  Funnily enough we've all ended up as shop owners, working hard to attract customers and sell our goods. It's been hard work of course, but we all earned some money!

We have been focussing on money during maths lately and learning about coins, their value, appearance and how we can use them.

Having a room full of 'shops' has certainly been handy.  Yesterday we created our own shops, selected some things we could sell, and priced all the items.  Today it was time to go shopping!  Armed with a hand full of money we could visit all the shops and spend up big!  The shop keepers were kept busy, counting out change, adding up totals and figuring out profits.

Amy and Miranda showing us their shops

Lochie hard at work counting his profits

Charlotte's stationary shop and money being counted

Peak hour at the shops!

Celebrating a productive days earning!

"I liked how people were trying their best when counting the money" Isabel.

"I liked when people counted out the right amount of change" Elijah.

"I liked it when people came to my shop to buy things!" Lochie.

"I liked spending my money!" Miranda.

"I liked it when everyone was using their manners when they were shopping" Aza.

"I liked going around and seeing the shops and spending money" Hannah.

"I like how we made our own shops" Jasmine.

" I liked having so much money to spend" Jordan.

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