Friday, 8 March 2013

When we are 100

With Grandparents Day just behind us we have been thinking about what it would be like to be an old person.  Not just a grand parent but what would it be like to be 100?  We thought long and hard about what it would be like and what we would be like too.

First we thought about what we might look like.  Would we have grey hair? Be bald? Glasses?  Hmmm, there was quiet a lot to think about once we got started.

(Click on the 'read more' button below to see the results)

We then set out to create a portrait of ourselves, wrinkles and all, and well, we turned out to be a good looking group of centarians.

Next we had a think about what we would be doing and how we might act.

To find out what we will be like in 94+ years we've made an ebook that you can read! Or you could even listen to us read it because we've recorded ourselves for you!

Now what is an ebook, you may be asking?  Well, an ebook is a book made to be downloaded and read on a smart phone or tablet computer (iPad etc). You may have heard or even use apps like ibooks or your iPhone.  ibooks is a free app that lets you read books like our one.

All you need to do is click here to download the file to your smart phone or tablet computer (Smart phones and tablets only, or if you have an ebook reader on your computer.  It should download automatically, but will take a minute or two).

Alternatively have a look below at the PDF version.
(Please note the ebook download also has audio of us reading our story, but we are unable to show the ebook file type on blogs)


  1. I loved reading your book! And your pictures were terrific, well done. When I am 100 I don't think I'll be able to read very well, but you will all be only 70, so perhaps you will come into my nursing home and read your book to me!
    From Jennie (Hannah's mum)

  2. Wow! These are fantastic. I love the way you all visualised and thought about what a 100 year old person would look like. Great job.

    Mr M (Pascoe Vale Primary School)