Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Lets Go Fly a Kite

As part of Harmony day we held a kite flying extravaganza this morning!  All the houses competed together in a show of solidarity and understanding, with all students helping to build, fly and untangle over 170 kites.

Some 1/2 students have written about their morning below and we have captured plenty of the action on camera too!

On the 20th of March the whole school make kites.  We got our stuff first, then we got some double sided sticky tape.  We put the double sided sticky tape on the left side and gently peeled it back, and then we folded the kite.  Next we put a straw on the back to make it strong.  Written by Isabel.

Some people got tangled with their kite like me and Eva.  Isabel's tail kept on braking.  Written by Jessie

The whole school went to the oval.  We all flew our kites from one side to the other at the same time.  Jessie got her kite tangled with Eva's which was funny.  I really liked watching all the kites fly past.  One even hit me in the head.  Written by Brodie.

A great big thanks to Nick our school chaplain for organising the day and all the activities! We all had a great time!


  1. I wonder how many kites got tangled?I got mine tangled.It was a good windey day to fly kites.

    by charlotte.

  2. We had fun coming to help with the kites and seeing them all flying. You all did a great job making them and it was a perfect day for it. Great to see you all working together and helping each other, and being patient with the tangles!
    by Jennie and Caleb :)

  3. Great post! Would you be willing to share your kite template/directions? Thanks.

    1. Thanks Chris, our kites actually came from a kit, so we don't have the template anymore. If you're in school, please contact Nick for more info.