Thursday, 21 March 2013

Posting comments, tips for students and parents

Today in class we are learning how to post a comment on a blog.  (*Note to parents, we are using this post in class, so things may sound a bit obvious, but please read on and feel free to take on the activity too!  We'll be walking through the steps together, maybe you could try it together at home too.)

Comments are a great way to communicate with authors and the community who use the blog.  By leaving a comment you can ask a question, or share your thoughts on what has been written.  This is great if you'd like a bit more information, or if you are unsure of something.

For all the parents out there, by leaving comments on our posts it shows us that we have a real audience who are seeing all our great work and we love to hear your feedback!

For all the students, its a great way to practice your reading and showing your understanding.

All the comments on our blog have to be moderated, so if your comment isn't displayed, don't worry, someone just needs to check it before it is published.  We do this to make sure our blog stays a safe and happy place for us to work in.

Here are a few tips on leaving comments to help you out:

1/ Always keep it positive! No one likes a grouch, what did you like about the post?

2/ Talk about the topic, often people start talking about other things. Writing things like "I like this blog" or "1/2L is cool" isn't adding to the conversation.

3/ Make your comment or question meaningful, don't just say hi.  What will make your comment interesting?

4/ Add some extra information. If you know something else about the topic that wasn't included share it with everyone.  For example if the post is about Star Wars and you know how old Yoda is add it to your comment so everyone learns.

5/ Reread your comment before you save it.  Check your spelling and grammar.  Even better ask someone to read it first.

So now its time to test your skill!  Watch the movie below and tell us what you love about it!

Some ideas to help you start your comment are:

- My favourite part of the movie was _____ because _____

- I really liked _____ because ______

- I thought the big bird was _____ because ______

- To make the movie better _____

Now its time to have a go, click in the comments section below, add your comment, add your first name, click publish and follow the prompts.

Don't forget, if you have trouble, just ask someone for help, they could even do the typing for you!

This would be a great activity to work on at home together with your parents/ child.


  1. Hi this is Sibt from P.V.P.S
    part of our lesson was to comment on your class room blog today. So my favourite part of the movie is when the birds fall from the power line, I liked that bit because it was funny.
    I really liked the concept of the movie and how it was set out.

    1. Thanks for the comment Sibt, its great to have people from other schools checking out what we are up to. Your comment on the movie is written well and I'm sure our students appreciate it too!

  2. This is a really good post. Our school used this post to teach the students how to make a good comment.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad your class could learn from our blog. Please have a look at some of our other posts and keep practicing the comments!

  3. My favourite part of the movie was when the little birds were talking to each other, because they sounded funny. Mr Lorback

  4. I like the birds who were talking a lot because they talked too much and sounded funny. Angel

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  6. My favourite part is when the birds are naked. by Elijah

  7. my favourite part was then the big bird came and fall off because it was funny. by jasmine

  8. i did like the part when they pecked his feet, because it was funny. by Brodie

  9. My favorite part is when the birds when they where nakid on the ground because they where nakide.

    from lachlan

  10. my favourite part of the movie was the birds were the birds talking a lot.
    By Miranda

  11. my favounte part was when the big bird fell because he was the other birds flew in the air. By Xavier

  12. my favounte part was when the little bids had a plan, they pecked and pecked and when they stopped they flew away and when they came down they were naked. by Anna and Nicholas

  13. Well done everyone on making your first comments. We'll keep practicing with some more activities, but what a great start you have all made. Parents are starting to make their own comments too, so it just goes to show that the blog is taking off!

  14. Really loved viewing the video clip. Just amazing how you don't always need words and print to communicate. Did you predict the ending?