Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Day At The Races

The Jazz festival may have wrapped up, but that didn't mean the good times were over for us this week!  With only one day of school before another day of the junior school decided to let their hair down and head to the races!

The activities kicked off with a 'Fashions on the Field' parade with everyone strutting their stuff down the runway and boy were there some groovy outfits!

Then it was off to the races with a variety of different races being held.  While we're not exactly sure of the quality of the field running, there were plenty of smile and certainly no shortage of cheering.  We've got no idea who the winners were, but have to say that if you didn't make it to the races, then you sure missed out!!

The last race of the meet was the most anticipated of them all, The Great Snail Race, featuring plenty of pests from Mr Lorbacks veggie garden.  After being cooped up all morning in a margarine container, the snails were certainly in a hurry to get on the move.

There was plenty of action with snails zooming off, doubling back and even piggy backing each other. One thing was certain, no one was guaranteed of victory until the last minute!  A big well done to our snail 'Zac' who came home through the eventful race!

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