Thursday, 14 February 2013

Pancake Day

Shrove Tuesday has come around again, and of course it wouldn't be right to not have a pancake or two!  The foundation, 1 and 2 students cleared out of the classroom and cooked up a storm.  Read on to see and hear a little about the day

Yesterday we cooked pancakes.  First we got into groups then we mixed the ingredients.  After that we gave the pancake mix to Jeff and he cooked them.  Then we ate them. We had lots of fun.

Written by Jasmine


On the 12th Feb the prep 1/2 grades made pancakes. First we put the milk in, then the flour and the eggs.  Then my group mixed the mix.  Next we gave them to Jeff and Ella's mum so they could cook it.  Last we ate them.  They were yummy!

Written by Isabel

 A special thank you to all the parents who gave their time to help out for the morning, its great to have such support

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